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Remote Work

Athens County understands that employment opportunities granting people the option to perform work duties either from a home office or co-working space are on the rise. Whether for health and safety reasons, as business strategy, or an incentive to promote flexibility, more companies are making this option available.

Co-working Spaces

Athens County was recently awarded development funds through the Appalachian Community Grant Program that will support the build-out of two hybrid/remote work locations- one in the City of Athens and another in the Village of Glouster. Remote work infrastructure is critical in a post-covid world, and we are committed to providing state of the art facilities that support remote workers.

Remote Working Strategy

In 2021, the Athens County Remote Work Strategy Committee worked with the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service and the Athens County Broadband Advisory Committee to devise a remote work strategy for Athens County. This partnership resulted in the publishing of a remote work strategy white paper by the Voinovich School. Click here to access the white paper: FINAL Athens Remote Working OU Voinovich brief August 3 2021[3]

Help Us Expand Broadband Access in Athens County!

Are you an Athens County resident? If so, you can help us with our mission of broadband expansion all over the county! With each Speedtest by Ookla – The Global Broadband Speed Test taken, our team will be able to create an interactive mapping system which will show which parts of the county truly have access to high-speed internet.