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Athens Port Authority

logo-768x649The Athens County Port Authority was established by a resolution adopted by the Athens County Commissioners on November 20, 1995. Since that time, the Port Authority has held the power to own land, set fees, and levy taxes – placing it in an excellent position to stimulate growth within the county. The charge of the quasi-public Athens County Port Authority is to lead Athens County into a new era of economic development.

Missions and Objectives

  • Encourage and facilitate economic development projects in Athens County.
  • Develop facilities in a manner that will attract new business and industry of economic benefit to Athens County.
  • Encourage development of residential, commercial, recreational, industrial, research, and distribution facilities within the boundaries of the Authority.
  • Acquire, sell, or lease property and facilities for any use allowed by law.
  • Construct and/or operate those facilities necessary to achieve and enhance the success of the four proceeding objectives.
  • Cooperate and coordinate efforts with agencies and organizations in the shipping, transportation, and economic development of industry.
  • Continually monitor and assess potential sites and facilities and their feasibility for development.
  • Acquire and improve land, construct facilities, and operate such facilities on a sound financial basis, while preserving the integrity of the land and its resources.
  • Secure the interest, support, and participation of the residents of the Authority and the surrounding area in the activities and development of the Authority’s facilities.
  • Expand and develop the scope of the Authority’s facilities as required to keep pace with changing technological improvements.


Athens County Port Authority Board

Public Records Request

It is the goal of the Athens County Port Authority that requests for public records be acknowledged in writing, or, if feasible, satisfied within three business days of the request. All Port Authority records may be requested, including but not limited to: Meeting Minutes, Monthly Financials, and Monthly Activities Reports. The entire Public Records Request Policy may be accessed here: Athens County Port Authority Public Records Policy Poster

Public Records Request Form

Contact the Athens County Port Authority

340 West State Street, Unit 26
Athens, OH 45701
Ph. (740) 597–1420

The Athens County Port is a member of the Ohio Council of Port Authorities.